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Qualify at Home - E Learning

In these challenging times we find businesses are having to adapt to meet their customers needs in a variety of different ways, in the teaching and training world our classroom training sessions have been on hold for nearly a month now so we have turned to virtual training with learners and also our e-learning courses to ensure we can still offer qualifications, we maybe in lock down but learning can still continue, in fact it's a great opportunity to keep the brain stimulated during these difficult times.

We are a Highfield Awarding Body of Compliance training centre and offer all of their e-learning courses, below is a few reasons why we love working with Highfield:

>they understand effective training delivery and only produce meaningful content

>they only work with the very best subject matter experts to write the content of their courses

>the courses are all designed with interactive exercises and designed to enhance the learning experience and retention of knowledge

From restaurants to care homes, we have a range of e-learning courses from food safety to the care certificate, a new e-learning course had just been provided for Infection Control which includes a module on COVID-19 crucial for any health & social care environments.

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