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Level 2 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace

Level 2 Award in Health & Safety in the Workplace

Who needs this course?

All staff who have not received formal training in Health & Safety. Suitable for anyone in a work environment. There are no pre requisites and it is suitable for workers of all levels.

Course Duration

1 Day

Learning outcomes

*Legislation: Health & Safety at Work Act, Health hazards, PPR, RIDDOR,COSHH

*Safety and welfare: slips, trips and falls, electrical and fire safety, first aid, stress, violence

*The workplace and workplace equipment

*Risk Assessment: identifying hazards, evaluating risks, record keeping

*Manual Handling: regulations, injuries and best practices, safe systems of work, ergonomics and workstation design

*Working at a height

*Transport and vehicles: vehicle  risks

*Noise and vibration: employer responsibilities, noise reduction

Assessment method

30 multiple choice questions

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